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Productive is the tool we use to keep track of all the tasks for all our clients. From large projects to small tweaks, everything is recorded and tracked. Productive allows us to schedule effectively, keep track of work progress and to remain organised. This also allows us to invite you – our clients to view their projects and task, so we can collaborate on your project and provide you with visibility of what’s going on.

Some things you will be able to do with Productive:
  • See all the tasks for your project
  • See tasks which are assigned to you
  • Mark tasks as complete
  • Make comments on any task
The dashboard

The dashboard shows an overview of areas of interest, such as any tasks that are assigned to you, or the stream of activity which shows the latest updates. Any tasks that are overdue will have the date highlighted in red.



See all activity related to you and your project. This is a great way to see all updates that need your attention such as when someone has mentioned you specifically in a comment or a new task has been assigned to you. You can edit and add to the tasks directly from the inbox.


Use filters on the task board to select what you would like to see:


Views are saved sets of filters so you can switch easily between common views. Use the star to set your default view.


Use this to select a layout which is most useful to you.

  • List view: A simplified table view.
  • Calendar view: tasks will only show in calendar view if they have a due date set.
  • Table view: This is where you can see extra columns.

Choose the information you want to see.


Select the information you see such as:

  • The task assignee
  • The status – open or closed
  • Etc.

Filters can be saved as a view by clicking the green save button.


You can see your projects here.


When you have opened a task there are a few things you can do:

  • Make a comment on the task – you can add links and attachments
  • See who is following the task
  • See information such as who the task is assigned to, the due date, the estimated time and the remaining time.
  • See the history of the task and all its comments
  • Mark the task as complete.

You can also quote previous items in the task by using the three dots at the side of a comment or by hovering over media and selecting the @ sign.