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About ShopKeeper

Shopkeeper provides a central repository for backing up synchronising and propagating ecommerce information. The platform allows catalogue (products), categories, customers and order data to be synchronised between systems. For instance you may have several Woocommerce websites, with the WordPress plugin installed ShopKeeper can replicate the catalogue (or part of the catalogue) between sites. Or maybe you have a shop on Bigcommerce and want to migrate to Magento, Shopkeeper can be installed onto both of these platforms and the catalogue can be synchronised allowing you to migrate your catalogue with ease.

Shopkeeper can store any data, with only a few constraints, simply pass it JSON data and it will store this, then interact with these records via our RestFul API.

ShopKeeper is a cloud-based service and currently closed for new registrations. Please contact us if you are interested in this service.

Guide Coming Soon!