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YOu can see the Visitor Data to the right of your active chat, and also in your Past Discussions:

Username: This is the name the Visitor has entered in order to start the chat

E-mail: This is the VIsitor’s email address which they entered in order to start the chat

Started: The time when the chat was initiated

Last Activity: This shows when the last message was sent from either the Operator (admin user) or Visitor

Visitor Exited: No = the visitor is still active in the chat; Yes = the visitor has left the website or has clicked on ‘End Chat’

Referer: The last page the Visitor was on before visiting your website/page with live chat

Languages: The default language used by the Visitor in their browser (i.e. if they have set their web browser language to be English this will show to be English)

Visitor Time: The local time for your visitor based on their location

Browser: which web browser hey are using. This can be very helpful for trouble shooting if they are not seeing your website correctly.

OS: The operating system for the Visitors computer/device. In the example above you can see the Visitor is using a Macintosh (Apple) Computer. This will also indicate if the Visitor is using a mobile device such as a phone or tablet.

Current Page: This is the page your visitor is using. If the chat is site wide this is useful to know what your customer is currently looking at, which can make it easier to assist them.