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  1. Filter Toolbar
  2. Entry Quick Toolbar
    1. Entry Actions
  3. Bulk Actions
  4. Entry Columns

The Entries page allows you to browse all entries generated by form submissions. From this screen you can browse, sort, and modify your entry with a variety of options.

Entries Page


Filter Toolbar

The filter toolbar allows you to filter which entries you would like to view: All, Unread, Starred, Spam & Trash New in v1.6. In the parenthesis beside each filter label is the number of entries currently applicable to that filter.

Entry Quick Toolbar

Each entry item has an entry toolbar that displays when you hover over the first cell of an entry row. This quick toolbar will allow you to view the entry, mark the entry as read, mark the entry as spam, or send the entry to the trash to be deleted later.

Entry Actions

With the exception of the Star action, the following entry actions are available per entry in the Entry Quick Toolbar. The Star action is available to the left of each entry item.

  • Star
    The Star icon to the left of each entry item enables you to flag important entries. Using the filters toolbar, you can then browse all starred entries for the current form by selecting the Starred link in the filter toolbar.
  • Mark as Read/Unread
    Much like email, marking an entry as read is useful when you would like to indicate that the entry has been acknowledged without having to view the entry detail view. You may also mark the entry as unread.
  • Spam
    Mark the entry as spam.
  • Trash
    Send the entry to the Trash. Please note, you are responsible for emptying your Trash. The Trash is not automatically deleted. Deleting entries from the Trash will delete those entries permanently.

Bulk Actions

Using bulk actions you may apply the same action to multiple entries at once. To use bulk actions you must first select the checkbox next to each entry item you would like to modify. Then select the desired action from the bulk action select box and click “Apply.”

  • Mark as Read/Unread
    Mark all selected entries as read/unread.
  • Add/Remove Star
    Add/remove the star indicator for the selected entries.
  • Spam
    Send the select entries to Spam.
  • Trash
    Send the selected entries to the Trash.
  • Resend Notifications
    Resend the default entry notifications or forward the notifications on to a specified email address.
  • Bulk Print
    Print the selected entries at once.

Entry Columns

One of the features of the Entries screen is the ability to pick and choose which columns should appear in the list based on available form fields. To select the columns simply click the Edit icon on the right of the entries list table header. This will display the Select Columns window.

Entries Page Edit Filters

The Select Columns window consists of two panels, Active Columns and Inactive Columns. Simply drag the columns you would like to appear on the entries list from the Inactive Column to the Active Column to configure your entries list the way you see fit.

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